Ten Things About Gaby

  1. She sneezes when she’s full.
  2. Has a weakness for Flaming Hot Funyuns.
  3. Is the great-great-great-granddaughter of José María Castro Madriz, first president of Costa Rica.
  4. She is terrified of heights but only the kind in which she can see herself tripping and falling from, like cliffs and vista points.
  5. Is the only left-handed person in her family.
  6. She is often compared to Monica from Friends.
  7. Loves to host parties, mostly because she can plan and then clean up after, explains #6.
  8. Despite being an English teacher, does not always correct your grammar.
  9. Loves CrossFit, she isn’t the fastest or the strongest but she shows up.
  10. Lives where it regularly reaches over 120 degrees in the summer and can claim that it’s a nice day when the temperature doesn’t hit 110.