About Gabriela

Gabriela Orozco Belt is a Costa Rican-American children’s book author who lives in a small town in the Mojave Desert. Raised in a Hispanic community, she was one of a handful of people from Central American descent. She never realized how different her Spanish was from other Spanish-speaking regions until she unintentionally used an inappropriate word while talking to her best friend’s mom. Since then, Gabriela has been fascinated with the differences in Spanish that exist among Spanish speakers.

Gabriela received a B.A. in English Literature from California State University, San Bernardino and an M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of California at Riverside. She has taught high school English for fifteen years. 

Gabriela is a wife of twenty years and a mother of three, whose oldest is in his third year of college, whose middle child is in her third year of high school, and whose youngest child is living her best life in seventh grade.

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